FAQ + Returns Policy

Who are Inertia Computers?

We are a small, independently run computer and peripheral retailer from Sheffield, UK. Hi.

What do we do?

We offer a high quality range of computers for all needs and requirements and a wide range of quality peripherals and accessories to match.

What makes us different from other PC retailers? 

We care, like genuinely.. Computers have been our passion for the last 10 years, the more people joining the PC master race the better. We are all gamers and avid users of computers daily and this is our livelyhood. It also just happens we offer a lot better value and build quality than any other custom pc retailer. Often these "custom build" retailers have many configurations in bulk with whatever parts they can get on the cheap - you can rest assured that we use the best quality components for the price range of the build and you can actually talk to a human if you so desire.

Do you build to specification?

Absolutely, infact we love it. sales@inertiacomputers.co.uk

Do you offer bulk discount? 

Yes but on a case by case basis (no pun intended) please ask. 

I like a build, but its just out of my price range? 

Get in touch- we can try and work out the best way to cut the cost of a build down to make it more achievable for you.

Do you offer returns?

On some items- please check our refund policy below or contact us if you aren't sure.

Do you offer exchanges? 

In certain circumstances- please check below.

Return Policy

Unwanted goods: Provided the items are in mint condition we will accept returns of certain peripherals, you will have to organise and do tracked postage. This excludes storage media and any personal audio products due to data protection and hygiene laws. We do not offer refunds on computers as they are built-to-order.

Faulty goods: We will aim to fix any computer issues remotely at first. If the situation calls for it we will organise a pick up of a machine to be repaired at our expense during your warranty. Faulty peripherals can be posted back to us and upon processing and discovering a fault we will refund your postage and organise a replacement to be sent to you (if you would prefer a different product, please let us know)

Exchanges: Similar to the unwanted goods policy, we do offer an exchange system on certain peripherals. Excluded from this are our computer ranges, storage media and personal audio.

We are a honest company, please get in touch if you have any form of query and we will strive to solve it for you.